de-Cyser Apple Mead-pagne

Source: John (The Coyote) Wyllie




A potent and pleasing fruity wine. Once mature, a clear, bubbly champagne-like mead. My dad really enjoyed this one, and he usually drinks nicer wines. I was flattered. He kept grabbing the bottle at dinner!

If you rack several times you can eliminate most of the sediment, and only have a fine layer in the bottle. I prefer to keep the priming down, because they seem to continue fermenting slowly for a long time. I've had a batch carbonate without priming! So much for a still wine! You could stabilize and sweeten to taste if you choose. Bottling with teas is a nice addition. I've used cinnamon, but I'd bet ginger, or a tad of clove would be nice.


Dave's Notes:

As I've commented elsewhere in the recipes, with what I've learned over the years, I would add the acid blend to this recipe after the first or second racking, rather than at the beginning. As this recipe can ferment quite dry, very little acid is needed to balance it, so taste first, and only add what's needed.

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