Mead Made Easy


I'd like to thank the guys at Wind River Brewing and James Page Brewing. Without their help and encouragement I'd never have started on this book, let alone completed it.

I'd like to thank Charlie Papazian, since without his excellent Complete Joy of Homebrewing, I'd never have started brewing in the first place.

Everybody on the Internet The Mead Lovers Mailing List helped more than they can ever know. I'd especially like to thank Dick Dunn for maintaining the list, and Joyce Miller for compiling The Bee's Lees, an online recipe book, from recipes that were posted to the mailing list (some of which are included here).

Thanks to the long-dead Kenelme Digbie for collecting mead recipes in the late 1600s, the oldest surviving compilation of mead recipes I could find.

Thanks to Alex for indexing this when he probably should've been working on one of the many manuals he was supposed to be working on.

And finally, big thanks to Tim Mitchell, who served as my editor and kept me fully aware of the need to keep typing (“This sucks. Change it!”).

For the second edition, I'd like to thank my sweetie, who helped with the copy-editing and providing continuing support for my various hobbies.

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